The Hand Rejuvenation with Calcium Hydroxyapatite Guided by Ultrasound

Keywords: Cosmetic Techniques, Dermal Fillers, Esthetics, Hand, Injections, Rejuvenation


Volumizing the dorsal hand is one of the anatomical regions most frequently requested during the last decade. Calcium hydroxyapatite is the material used for this procedure since its beginning, due to its several benefits. However, despite the consensus among doctors of the dermal filler to be applied, there is little consensus on the most adequate injection technique. This variation in methods is due to the divergence between anatomical studies in this region. With the presentation of two cases treated with the calcium hidroxiapatite injection under ultrasonography, and a review of the literature we intend to show the advantages of this injection method with confirmation of the correct plan to inject this material through ultrasound.


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