Use of Skin Ultrasound Imaging in Dissecting Cellulitis: Two Cases and Review

Keywords: Cellulitis/diagnostic imaging, Folliculitis, Scalp Dermatoses, Ultrasonography


Cellulitis dissecans and folliculitis decalvans may present, in early stages, a similar clinical picture. This article presents the ultrasound findings of dissecting cellulitis that help in the diagnosis and treatment. Ultrasound is not a substitute for observation, trichoscopy and histopathology, but it may help with diagnosis. In the active phase, non-encapsulated ovoid lesions of relatively well-defined edges with hypoechogenic content, which communicate with the dermis through the enlarged bulbs of hair follicles, were observed. It allows distinction from folliculitis decalvans and from a trichilemmal cyst (in case of single or few lesions) and, by allowing the assessment of inflammation when combined with color Doppler, it can monitor inflammation and therapeutic response. The authors share 2 illustrative clinical cases and a review of the literature on the topic.


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