Double Island Slip Flap for Reconstruction of Surgical Defects of the Upper Lip

Keywords: Carcinoma, Squamous Cell, Lip Neoplasms/surgery, Reconstructive Surgical Procedures, Surgical Flaps


The double V-Y sliding island flap is a viable option for the reconstruction of lip defects, with a favorable cosmetic-functional result. We present the case of a woman with a basal cell carcinoma of the upper labial region, that after excision, has been reconstructed using a double sliding island flap. The authors describe the surgical technique as well as its main advantages and applicability.


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Dias Ferraz, P., Pinho, A., & Vieira, R. (2021). Double Island Slip Flap for Reconstruction of Surgical Defects of the Upper Lip. Journal of the Portuguese Society of Dermatology and Venereology, 79(2), 175-177.
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