Allergic Contact Cheilitis to Food Additives

Ana Isabel Gouveia, L. Lopes, T. Correia


Food additives are used intentionally to modify food properties. Sulfites are used in food industry due to its antibacterial action, prevention of oxidation and inhibition of enzymatic and nonenzymatic browning discoloration of food during the process of preparation, distribution and storage. Gallates are used as antioxidants both in food and cosmetics. We report the case of a 36 years-old patient with allergic contact cheilitis to sodium metabisulfite (E223) found in a fruit salad, possibly perpetuated by the antioxidants in her lipsticks.


Antioxidants; Cheilitis; Cosmetics; Dermatitis, Allergic Contact; Food Additives; Food Preservatives; Propyl Gallate; Sulfites

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