Uncommon “Sleep Mask-Like” Presentation of Lichen Planus Pigmentosum

  • Ana Beatriz Farias Goncalves Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) - Niterói - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
  • Dandara Meurer Missio Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) - Niterói - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
  • Nicoly Augusta da Silva Quezada dos Santos Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) - Niterói - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
  • Pedro Paulo Farias Gonçalves Centro de Ensino Superior de Valença André Arco Verde (CESVA/ FAA) - Valença - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
  • Maria Cláudia Issa Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) - Niterói - Rio de Janeiro- Brasil
  • Mayra Rachael Universidade Federal Fluminense ( UFF) - Niterói - Rio de Janeiro- Brasil
Keywords: Child, Facial Dermatoses, Hyperpigmentation, Lasers, Solid-State, Laser Therapy, Lichen Planus


Introduction: Lichen planus pigmentosum is a variant of lichen planus observed mostly in India, the Middle East and Latin America. It usually begins in the third and fourth decade of life, with equal sex distribution and is more frequent in type III-V phototypes. Skin lesions are characterized by brownish, dark brown or brownish-gray, oval or rounded, usually symmetrical and bilateral macules.

Case report: We observed a 12-year-old boy presenting typical clinical manifestations of lichen planus pigmentosum, however with an unusual clinical appearance around the eyes, resembling a sleeping mask.

Conclusion: The case reported is particular due to the age of the patient and the peculiar arrangement of the lesions in the periorbicular area, resembling a "sleeping mask", which alerts to the possibility of differential diagnosis of hyperchromic and photosensitive lesions in the pediatric population.


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