Agminated Lymphomatoid Papulosis: A Distinct Entity or a Localized Form?

Débora Bergami Rosa Soares, Mairam Steffen, Thaís Nietsche, Fernanda Silveira Costa, Carolina Portela, Alexandre Carlos Gripp


We report a case of a 34-year-old female with asymptomatic and recurrent erythematous papules localized exclusively in her left forearm, for three years. Histopathology showed a predominantly lymphocytic inflammatory infiltrate, with scattered pleomorphic CD30+ cells and occasional mitotic figures. These findings are consistent with agminated lymphomatoid papulosis considered by some authors as a distinct entity, although we believe it represents a rare presentation of lymphomatoid papulosis.


Lymphocytes; Lymphomatoid Papulosis; Methotrexate; Skin Neoplasms

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