Catarina Araújo, Cristina Resende, Teresa Pereira, Celeste Brito


Introduction: The published percentage of patients with eyelid dermatitis from cosmetic exposure lies between 2.5% and 26%. Pigmented make-up may contain metal allergens, including nickel, chromium and cobalt.

Case report: A 52-year-old atopic woman, hairdresser, with a 7-month history of itching, erythema and scaling of both eyelids. Her medical history revealed earlobe dermatitis in childhood. She was referred for patch-testing in our contact allergy department with baseline series from Portuguese Contact Dermatitis group (GPEDC), cosmetic and hairdresser series and the patient´s own products in semi-open test. Positive reactions were observed to nickel sulphate 5% in petrolatum (++ at D3) and valentina D kejal®, grey eye shadow (++ at D3).

Conclusions: Cosmetics are a potentially sensitizing source, on thin facial skin and especially for atopic woman, who have a damaged skin barrier that may favour penetration of allergens, allowing lower nickel concentrations, even as a contaminant, to trigger an eyelid reaction.


Allergic contact dermatitis; Eyelid; Shadow; Make-up; Nickel

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